Spaniel Field Trial Training

At G and D Kennels, we like to take the dogs around 7 to 9 months for spaniel field trial training. The amount of time we keep them depends on your goals and on how quickly the dog takes to training. In that time they will learn the three steps-the place boards; the hold and fetch on the board; the retrieve on the board and on the ground to hand. After they have mastered the basic steps, we proceed to obedience and advanced retrieving; then to our quartering program. The last step is steady to wing and shot. ¬†Gary uses a variation of the Dobbs method when training spaniels for trials. This includes the “place boards” where a dog is taught to sit or “hup” on when given the command “Place”. These boards are later used to help teach quartering, along with the “barrel exercise”.

We charge a monthly rate plus birds. Rates are subject to change at anytime, so please call for current rates. Private lessons are sometimes available but depend on Gary’s schedule. Although Gary’s specialty is field bred English Springer Spaniels, we do train other hunting breeds such as pointers, retrievers, and we have even trained Boykin Spaniels.

Before a dog can come in for training, we will need a copy of its rabies certificate, shot records which include a kennel cough vaccine, and proof of previous testing to be on heart worm preventative.

The training techniques at G and D Kennels makes for a well mannered and obedient dog, but the breeding of the dog will determine how much of this training will transfer to the field to create a great hunting and/or field trial dog. Acquiring a prospect from good field stock is a must, so be aware of your pups pedigree and make sure he has the best genetic tools from within. Select your pup from the top field trial and hunting bloodlines, where you will most likely find the natural desire and biddability necessary for exceptional hunting and performance dogs. And then let G and D Kennels do the rest to prepare your spaniel for field trails or hunting!